three pairs of lovers with space



So far as is known, the following poem has only been published online, where it appeared on on 15 July 2008.


When I was fourteen, I boarded a bus
and the driver was making one hell of a fuss.

For ahead in the queue, a boy with blond hair
was searching his pockets to find the right fare.

So I bought his ticket and he was delighted
as he thanked me I found I was getting excited.

By his boyish good looks and the deepest blue eyes
and those 70’s shorts that revealed his smooth thighs.

Though I’d known him at school for two years or more
I’d never been turned on like this before.

I knew lots of girls and liked one or two
but to find a boy sexy was something quite new.

At the back of the bus only one seat was spare
I told him to take it but he wanted to share.

As he sat on my lap and chatted to me
I became quite aroused and wondered if he

Could feel something stirring beneath his cute butt.
How I loved it each time that the bus hit a rut!

Well we both bounced along down a bumpy old track
till I got quite an urge that I couldn’t hold back.

Then, turning, he flicked the blond hair from his face
and gave me a smile that made my heart race.

I held him so tight but he didn’t resist
and that’s when I came. It was absolute bliss.

Each time I remember, I always enjoy
that wonderful ride with that beautiful boy.

Though younger than me, could have been my kid brother
but from that moment on I became a boylover.